Server Rules - (REQUIRED)
Welcome to the Miami Life Roleplay Server! Our server is a great place to have fun and enjoyable roleplay that is not so hardcore as some of the servers out there while still caring about providing a great roleplay experience.

Although there is no minimum age to join the server, most of our player base is 18+.
The following Community Rules guide our activities here and help us to enjoy our time in Miami Life so please be mindful of them as infractions will result in 1 warning. Repeated infractions following a warning will result in removal from the server on a temporary or permanent basis:

1. Strive to conduct yourself in a respectful and courteous manner - act with self-control and patience. We respect all people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.  Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment, Threats, and Malicious Treatment of others earns you a one-way ticket out of Miami Life.

2. Offer help to people who seek it, particularly players who are new to the server

3. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s) in a calm and respectful manner – do not condemn or humiliate other players. We’re here to have fun and not have drama or arguments. Take that elsewhere.

4. Promote fellowship within the Miami Life community

5. Try to avoid comments about politics, religion, skin color or sexual preferences both IC and OOC; we’re here to have a good time and these topics can create a lot of tension

6. Ensure that you are fit to roleplay before and while you play; keep your personal problems outside of Miami Life and please log off if you are angry, tired, frustrated, stressed out or upset. Come back when you are rested, relaxed, and ready for a good time. Please note that this is not an excuse to combat log, more on that later.

7. Recognize that these rules are here to support a positive experience but cannot account for every situation; in all circumstances, use good, sensible judgement based on what a person in real life would actually do in that given situation.
Roleplay Quality Controls

8. Do not break character in-game for any reason. If you are having problems with your game or need help, get creative with phrases such as “which muscle should I flex to put my hands up?” or “something is wrong with my eyes, I’m seeing strange things.” Please use discord to contact a staff member if you require OOC assistance. You should never encourage another player to break character in game, and if someone else breaks character, act confused and say “I’m sorry but I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.” The only exception to this is if a staff member identifies themselves as staff and states that they are speaking out of character, and gives you authorization to do the same as part of collecting information as part of their staff duties.

9. There are many people on the server with different points of view; minor disputes and disagreements are part of the game, however please do not discuss them in-game. We strongly discourage players from making threats to report players as they are breaking roleplay to do so (see rule 8). For example if someone has RDM’ed you discussing this on the server or saying “I am going to report you” is not allowed. While our staff members are diligent in maintaining the integrity of our server, things will on occasion go sideways. Please try to roleplay the scenario to the best of your ability and use the forums or Discord to report or discuss problems with staff. 
10. Shooting at someone without first engaging in quality roleplay, otherwise known as Random Deathmatch or RDM, is not permitted. Give other players ample time to think about the situation and respond to you. If you give them orders, you need to give them sufficient time to comply with your order. Giving someone a countdown to comply is not considered quality roleplay; attempt to get creative in your scenario.

11. Using your vehicle as a weapon, otherwise known as Vehicle Deathmatch or VDM, is not permitted. If you run over people, cause explosions, ram someone, etc. and don’t stop to roleplay it out you are taking away from the experience of other players.

12. Modifications that change the functionality of your game are not permitted. This includes non-malicious graphical enhancement utilities. We have systems in place in order to detect this. Use of exploits, duplication of items or money, or use of the game outside of the server’s intended purpose in any way is not prohibited. If you discover a glitch that you think nobody else knows about, please reveal it to a staff member privately. This rule also encompasses players who attempt to cheat the game system to avoid fully serving jail time through attempts to respawn, disconnect, or otherwise defeat the game mechanic.

13. Please do not idle. If you need to go away from your PC for more than 5 minutes then kindly disconnect from the server.

14. All players on the server are required to have a working microphone. If your microphone is not working or you do not have one, please disconnect and come back when you have a working microphone.

15. Out of Character Chat (OOC) interactions must be made using the /ooc command. OOC chat should be used sparingly. Please do not have excessive conversations in OOC chat; head to Discord instead. Please note that roleplay in OOC chat is not permitted.

16. In game text chat is available but should be used sparingly. When using the Twitter feed, please use good sense about what you broadcast. If you say “On my way to rob a bank” you better bet the FBI and police will be at your house in minutes. If you say “Hey what key do I press to do XYZ” you are breaking character. Tweets are great for sharing relevant information with all online players, however you should avoid having conversations through tweet. Take it to text messages in the phone app or to discord.

17. Trolls are not welcome here. Players become a troll when they engage in behaviors that start quarrels for the non-RP entertainment value, intentionally upset others, take roleplay in a far-fetched and difficult to believe direction, distract others from quality roleplay experiences and are generally inflammatory and digressive. Please use good sense and avoid being a troll by using good judgement. Some examples of trolling behavior are: Running in circles around another player, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, playing music in chat , bombarding the chat or text message system, buying multiple vehicles to block spawn areas or using vehicles to blow things up, jumping off buildings without role-playing a scenario, spamming  voice or chat, using soundboards/voice changers in game distastefully.

18. Meta-gaming is using out-of-character or 3rd party information within an in-character context. This is not permitted. For example, telling your buddy over Discord to come and shoot a cop who's arresting you is meta-gaming.

RolePlay Standards
19. Please keep all aviation vehicles 500m above the city unless you are taking off or landing on a designated runway or helipad. Air Rescue 1 (EMS Helicopter) and Miami Air 1 (Police Helicopter) are exempt from this rule, provided that they are performing the duties of their role. This is to make sure that other’s roleplay is not disturbed.

20. Vehicles are not permitted inside buildings and may not be used to prevent access or egress from a building.  

21. Make efforts to drive reasonably in accordance to the roleplay conditions. Jumping ramps, going off road, flying off hills and mountains or falling off a mountain on purpose, or speeding at 100+mph in the downtown core, otherwise known as Fail Driving, is unrealistic and not permitted. The reasonable exception to this, of course, is if you are in a vehicle meant for that type of activity (ie off-roading in a sports truck or driving up mountain trails on a dirt bike) but even then you can’t just ramp off a building or a bridge. Use good judgement.

Whitelisted Jobs & Boss Jobs
22. Only provide accurate information when applying for whitelisted jobs; if you are found to be dishonest in your application to a whitelisted job, you will be removed from said job and ineligible to rejoin that profession.

23. Whitelisted jobs have an implied duty to responsibly fill their role and are held to a higher standard of expectations than non-whitelisted jobs. You should prioritize your time in your whitelisted role as they are critical to the successful function of the server.

24. The leaders of player organizations in game, known as Bosses, have an implied duty to responsibly fill their role and are held to a higher set of expectations than non-boss players. You should prioritize your time in your Boss role and to care for the organization you have committed to. These are important roles necessary for the successful function of the server.

25. Players who hold a whitelisted or Boss role who are inactive for 2 weeks without notice to anyone may be removed from their role at the discretion of the respective Chief for EMS or Police respectively, or at the discretion of server admins for Boss roles. These roles are critical to the success of the server and need to be filled by active and engaged players.

Interacting with Emergency Services
26. Medics exist to heal and revive players. You may not kill a medic if there is only one online. However, medics are not immune. If there are two or more medics online, you may take hostage or kill a medic through an appropriate roleplay scenario.

27. Police are here to enforce the laws and penal code of the city of Miami and its surrounding region. If you are doing something and your motive is "I wanna get caught by the police" or "I wanna get in a police chase" or “Any cops seen within ‘x’ km will be shot on site” then you're cop baiting, which is not permitted. Cop baiting is any act to intentionally grab the attention of the police

28. If an emergency vehicle has their lights and or sirens on, please pull over and yield the right of way to them. If a police officer wishes to pull you over, they will come up close behind you with their lights on and blip their siren on and off in rapid succession a couple of times to get your attention. Keep in mind that to avoid an RDM situation you must dialogue with the police officer.

29. Emergency vehicles are off limits to all players except for medics, firefighters and police officers.  Do not steal or operate any emergency vehicle on the server unless you are whitelisted police officer, firefighter or EMT. Mechanics are permitted to repair or tow an EMS vehicle when properly roleplayed provided that the EMS personnel operating that vehicle has authorized you to do so in advance of moving the vehicle.

Emergency Services Restrictions
Being an emergency services person on this server is a massive privilege. Both Medics and Police Officers are charged with the preservation of life safety. Police are further charged with the protection of public property. The standard of quality and competency is raised for emergency personnel.

30. Police must be in the Police Radio discord channel when online.

31. Police may not sell their equipment or willingly give their equipment away. 
32. Police are required to use non-lethal tasers or bean-bag shotguns until they are fired upon with a lethal weapon. At that time they are authorized for lethal force using their sidearm, or with the appropriate roleplay actions, their rifle. Please reference rule ABC below for further details on the use of two-handed weapons.

33. Police officers are not permitted to use their role or authority to help out your friends. For example: removing charges of your gang members without sufficient roleplay reason

34. Police officers are not permitted to be taken hostage. If you find yourself taken hostage as a police officer, please contact staff.

35. Police officers are not permitted to revive other players for any reason (including reviving an officer downed in combat) unless A) an RDM/VDM situation (use good sense) or B) If no EMS is on, police officers can respond to calls for EMS and revive accordingly.
Medics are a special non-combat role. While on duty, your only focus should be on your EMS roleplay. 

35. Medics are not permitted to follow players around, particularly police officers or gang characters. Instead, park or patrol near the local hospital or medical center. Medics are permitted to request a police escort if they have a reasonable role-play suspicion of danger. For example, if a medic is sent a threatening text about getting shot when they come to a car accident with a blue car, and then a few minutes later they are dispatched to respond to a car accident with a blue car, the medic can request an escort.

36. Medics who respond to a crime scene must consult a police officer on scene to ascertain if it is safe for them to perform lifesaving medical work.  If all the police are dead and there are gang members or rebels present and they shout out "LEAVE THE AREA" or words to that effect, then you are required to comply. If there are a mix of police and civilians down and you the medic are the only one up, you must revive the police officers first.

37. Medics may not revive players in an active combat zone. If combat is in effect or was in effect during the last 5 minutes, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, Medics cannot revive at this time.

38. Medics may not sell their equipment or willingly give their equipment away. 

39. Medics are not permitted to use their role or authority to give an unfair advantage to friends. 

40. For Police Officers and Medics, do not police the police or EMS the EMS; if you have a problem with a colleague, report it to a superior.

Combat, Crime, Gangs & Death
Approached correctly, combat, crime, gangs and death add an interesting depth to our potential role-play experiences. Done incorrectly, these items can result in anger and drama. It’s therefore important to abide by these rules that govern combat, gangs and criminal activity.

41. Combat logging is not permitted. Combat logging is purposely disconnecting or respawning to avoid death or arrest in any situation. Combat logging at any point during an active roleplay scenario is considered exploitation of the game. Some examples of this include logging out during a firefight, logging out while being chased or detained by the police, logging out while dead to avoid respawn until a medic can arrive, logging out in order to save your gear, and rage-quitting. Should you combat log or get disconnected, you should attempt to rejoin the server and continue the roleplay. If this is not possible please immediately reach out to a staff member on discord.

42. Combat storing, such as storing a vehicle whilst you are being chased or to prevent roleplay, is not permitted

43. You may engage in combat with other players provided that there is sufficient quality roleplay leading up to the combat scenario. Two minutes of someone makes you mad so you pull a gun on them doesn’t count. Sidearms may be drawn at will, however two-handed weapons must be drawn using the /me command and the gun must be drawn from a realistic place. For example, you could not walk up to someone and whip out an assault rifle - where did the rife come from? Hidden under your shirt? Try again. If you instead walk to your trunk and “/me pulls assault rifle from trunk” then that’s more believable. Use good judgement. When joining the server, you cannot involve yourself in any ongoing combat scenarios for 15 minutes in order to prevent meta-gaming.

44. Baiting other players into combat for the sake of a gunfight or for the lolz is not permitted. For example, players should not walk up to a stranger and punch them randomly. Or, when players are confronted by another armed player, they should not immediately start shooting without dialogue being exchanged. Or, when players rob a store with no hostage or demands and no intent to rob the store but rather to engage the police in a shootout. Roleplay is about the journey and experience, not the destination.

45. General criminal activity is permitted at all times. However, if there are no police officers online, player to player crimes such as kidnapping, robbery, etc, should be limited and should not be abused. If you commit a crime involving another player during times when there are no police officers online, that should be the only time you interact in a crime with that player until police are online. The spirit of this rule is to preserve the experience of new players to our servers. Some civilians cannot defend themselves or are new to the server; we don’t want to give them a bad impression by having them mugged, robbed and beaten on their first day. Please refrain from violent crimes against other players when there is not a police presence on the server.

46. Robbery of stores, banks and players is permitted. These roleplay scenarios should be well thought through and should be a fairly uncommon activity for any one player. Camping locations and robbing numerous stores or banks within a short duration is considered string robbing. String robbing is not permitted. One a store, bank or player has been robbed within a 4-block radius, you should not commit an additional robbery within that area for 30 minutes. This means you can not sit at a highly populated site and rob everyone who shows up. Robbing in a very public location is unrealistic and ruins the experience on the server. Be smart about who and where you rob. During a store robbery, police will always send one unarmed uniformed officer to act as a negotiator in a marked car who will approach the entrance of the building being robbed and make themselves known. This is part of the robbery process. You can either start roleplay with the negotiator or decline negotiations by asking him to leave. If you order the negotiator to leave, you must allow them to depart unharmed. The maximum number of criminals participating in a single robbery is 5. Bank robberies require at least 3 players. During bank robberies, criminals may elect to position a sniper on a nearby building in advance of the robbery. Prior to a sniper engaging responding police officers, the criminals must dialogue with a negotiator, and the negotiator must be informed that a sniper is present. You do not need to reveal the sniper’s specific location. Snipers are not permitted on other types of robberies.

47. Hostages may be taken. Hostages should be random, disassociated players who do not have a known in-character connection to your character. Police officers may not be taken, hostage. During robberies, police officers will send a negotiator and those negotiators may not be taken, hostage. Gangs cannot take their own gang members as hostages. NPC’s count as hostages.

48. Execution of players is permitted however it needs to be roleplayed to a very high quality. Saying “put your hands up or I will shoot” and then firing after a couple seconds is considered low quality roleplay. Use good judgement and give other players the necessary time to comply with your orders.

49. If you die during a scene and are not revived, you are not permitted to re-insert yourself into the roleplay scenario where your character was killed. The exception to this are police officers. Police officers who die may re-enter a roleplay scenario after a 15 minute cooldown period. They are considered a new officer on scene and are required to roleplay as if they freshly arrived and have minimal information available upon arrival.

50. Gangs should use matching outfit colors and styles for all gang members.

51. Being in a gang is a fun way to role-play and add depth to the life in Miami. However, it is not an excuse to be collectively rambunctious with your gang members or to break server rules. Gangs stick to their turf, are involved with illegitimate activities, and are not opposed to violence. Their first instinct is control and profit, not to fight but when pushed to it they won’t hesitate to engage in combat. Also, gang members generally don’t run around randomly dropping gang sign emotes saying “yo we’re a gang” - that’s low quality roleplay so get creative and be realistic.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy your time here on the Miami Life Roleplay Server!

Server Owner

*Credits to Anvil (aka Cheif Richie)*