Police Requirements
Welcome to the Miami Life RP Police Department! Being a Police Officer is both challenging and rewarding. To be successful here, you need to meet certain requirements:○ You must be an active player on the server

○ You must be able to speak and understand English

○ You must have a working microphone and discord

○ You must care about having (and providing) a high quality role play experience and
do everything reasonable to support that goal

○ You must play with integrity; this is a position of trust that helps maintain order and
fun on the server. Abuse of powers and illegal activities are not acceptable

○ You must put the time in to develop a working knowledge of game commands to efficiently carry out your duties

○ You must be prepared to learn our call signs, radio codes, fines and sentencing rules, and other procedures

○ You must be prepared to ride along with an experienced officer until you demonstrate competency to be an independent police officer. This usually looks like 3-5 days depending on how much you play and is individually evaluated. For this period you are a Police Cadet in game and are considered to be in-training
○ The character that you use to join the Police Department must have and maintain a clean record. We do not allow for dirty cops. If you want to do illegal things, make a second character for that or choose a different career.

○ You must adhere to server rules and not be a frequent offender against the same (see point 5 above)
Please put effort into your application; in many cases, this is our first impression of you so we suggest that you make it count. :)
Applications are reviewed every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening in the Eastern time zone. Once reviewed, you will receive a response by the end of the following day. Please be patient as we have many applicants for this important role.
Should you be accepted to move forward to Police Officer training, you will be evaluated for fit with the team and competency in your role over your initial training period. Once you become an officer, You will also periodically be evaluated on an ongoing basis for your integrity and role play quality, as well as for rank and Salary advancement opportunities.